The Warrior’s Way, starring Jang Dong-Gun and Kate Bosworth, is about “the world’s greatest swordsman” who escapes to the American badlands after he refuses to complete a mission assigned to him by his warrior clan. In sum, a face-off between cowboys and ninjas.

While I haven’t seen the film, I’d venture to say that this looks like a highly-stylized, more badass version of a Jackie Chan/Owen Wilson flick. In any case, it promises action, humor, and A KISS BETWEEN JANG DONG-GUN AND KATE BOSWORTH! WHAT! Though I suppose you could just watch the trailer for that, it is still nevertheless exciting to actually see the Asian male lead as the romantic interest in a mainstream film. Philip of YOMYOMF put together a list of films in honor of The Warrior’s Way, in which the Asian male lead ends up with the girl. While this is not entirely new to American cinema, Latoya Peterson of Racialicious articulated why this romance is so surprising. Even Jack Tchen, professor of History and director of the Asian/Pacific/American studies program at NYU, recommended it to our class; if not for interracial romance, then at least for the love of campy, potentially corny plotlines, and fun action films.

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