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East Asian Studies Night 2014

I attended EAS Night last Tuesday. Had it not been for my Chinese teacher, I would have missed out on a great show.

Students in Japanese, Chinese and Korean classes put on entertaining performances for a cheering crowd that consisted of language teachers, other students and department heads. Highlights of the night include –

  • Owarai Champloo, NYU students’ version of traditional Japanese storytelling. (My favorite, because I couldn’t stop laughing.)
  • NYU Rhythmic Impulse, who shook the room with their high energy drumming
  • a beautiful flute rendition of Magic Castle – the Classic by Eduardo Castillo
  • an abridged Japanese version of Disney’s Frozen, complete with resonant singing
  • and a charming group performance of the song 《老男孩》
    (LaoNanHai), from the Chinese comedy short film of the same name.

The night definitely had something for everybody. EAS Night was undoubtedly even more enjoyable for those that have an understanding of all three languages. I left in awe of all the performers’ talents, especially those of the advanced Japanese students’. If you missed it this year, don’t miss next year’s!

Below is just a poster from this year’s event:


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