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Meet Your E-Board: Alex Sim

Presenting…Meet Your E-Board! Our first victim is Media Director, Alex Sim. Alex is currently a senior at CAS studying Psychology. He wants tell everyone:

Come to NYU and join Generasian.

What is your favorite Asian cuisine?
Japanese, specifically sushi, specifically spicy crunchy tuna.

Would you rather be a mouse-sized elephant or an elephant-sized mouse and why?
Mouse-sized elephant because the other option is terrifying.

What is your most visited site?
YouTube (My second would be Generasian.)

What is your favorite holiday?
New Year’s

Dogs or cats?

What is your favorite app and why?
Google Drive because it is convenient.

Who should we interview next?
Kim Chen, our art director

Hope you enjoyed our first installment of this series! Tweet @NYUgenerasian the things you want to know about Kim! #themoreyouknow

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