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Meet Your E-Board: Swan Cho

First and foremost, Generasian would like to extend a warm Happy Thanksgiving to all of our followers. We all have a lot to be thankful for!

We back dis week with Meet Your Eboard! Meet Swan Cho, our co-online editor. Swan is currently a junior at CAS studying Math with a minor in Chemistry. She wants to tell everyone:

Happy Thanksgiving!! Eat lots of great food!

When do you want to get married? (Submitted via Twitter by @choongxsung)

As in the words of Beyonce, if you like it then you should put a ring on it.

Would you rather be a tiger-sized ant or an ant-sized tiger? Why?

An ant-sized tiger, absolutely. Imagine a tiger-sized ant, scary!

What is your ideal sandwich? (Shoutout to Kim Chen for the question!)

Turkey, swiss, lettuce, tomato, and oil & vinegar on a BAGUETTE! Oui oui!

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world RIGHT NOW, who would it be? Why?

I want to say Mindy Kaling. No wait, hold on. Can I do someone who is dead? (Let the record show, Joyce says yes.)  Benjamin Franklin because he’s a founding father and an amazing guy.

Name one thing you would change about me.

Nothing. (Let the record show, Swan was not coerced into answering that.)

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?

Jacob. No, Edward. No, hold on. (Let the record show, Swan is clearly struggling.) Umm, why can’t you do the Hunger Games? (Let the record show, this isn’t Burger King, you can’t have it your way.) Team Jacob because he was there for Bella when Edward wasn’t.

Who do you nominate for next week?

Hui, our co-editor at large.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s interview! Enjoy your imminent food coma. Tweet @NYUGenerasian if you have any questions for Hui! #AskHui #themoreyouknow

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