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Meet Your E-board: Avery Chang

HELLO FRIENDS! We are back (yet again) with another installment of Meet Your Eboard! This time we are featuring the hilarious Avery Chang, our beautiful Art Chair (refer to picture above). Avery is currently a sophomore in CAS studying Psychology. When asked if she has anything she wants to say to everyone, she said:

I love all my fans.

Alrighty! Now let’s get into the interview!

Would you rather have 20 children or have to drink only Diet Pepsi for the rest of your life and why?

20 children because having illegitimate children is even better than drinking Diet Pepsi for the rest of your life. Diet Pepsi is gross.

Tell me about your middle school experience in 2 sentences.

I weighed 140 pounds and I think that’s good, no? Just one sentence.

This is your last meal. What is it?

Hot Cheetos and Taki

What are you going to be for Halloween in 3 years?

I don’t even know what I’m going to be for Halloween this year.
You have to answer the question.
I’m going to be you, Joyce.

And lucky for our readers, this week we received quite a lot of questions with the hashtag #AskAvery via Twitter. I’d like to thank our loyal fans @ADKim80, @alyssamulalala, and @_Jamster for your submissions. Unfortunately, we were not able to pick all of the questions submitted; however, I hope you like the selection we have chosen.

From @ADKim80,
Would you rather have a head the size of a tennis ball or a watermelon? Why?

Considering there are watermelons sized similarly to human heads, I’d say watermelon…sub-par question.

From @alyssamulalala,
What does your daily schedule look like? What is your favorite time to let loose?

I have class typically throughout the afternoon but I get to let loose on Fridays because I don’t have class.

From @_Jamster,
Where is your favorite place to study on or off campus?

Lmfao, my desk in my room.

Back to the normal interview!

Who do you nominate next?

Cathy, our Editor-in-Chief.

As always, thanks for tuning in to this week’s Meet Your Eboard! I hope you’re all as sad as I am about the next installment, which will unfortunately be the last, but that just means summer break is that much closer. Anyway, don’t forget to tweet @NYUGenerasian for any questions you want to #AskCathy. Smell ya later!

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