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Music Monday: 100% Courage (Ninja Boy Rantaro)

Today’s Music Monday is brought to you by Jennifer Tseng (:

Happy Monday everyone!

We all need a little extra something to get going in the beginning of the week. To kickstart your day with a smile and positive vibes, a few things immediately come to mind: sunshine, short coffee lines, and free ice cream. But uplifting tunes definitely fall at the top of the list. Bonus points for childhood cartoon theme songs!

This week’s pick is the theme song from Nintama Rantarō, a Japanese cartoon that follows the lives of three young ninjas and all of their hijinks at ninja school. The theme song is aptly titled “100% Yūki ” 『100% 勇気』, which translates to “100% Courage”—fitting for the grit that we all need to muster up to finish this semester strong.

Play this track on repeat today and you’ll be all set to take on whatever life throws at you. Even if you don’t know the words, you’ll be humming this energizing track all week long. Just press play and cue the resourceful and fearless ninja in you!

Have a great week everyone!


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