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Meet Your E-Board: William Shi

Welcome back to Meet Your Eboard Spring 2016 edition!!! We are excited to bring back this wonderful column where we will be introducing our ever so hardworking Eboard of Generasian.

For our very first week back we are featuring William Shi our co-editor-in-chief! Will is currently a senior in CAS majoring in History and Computer Science while minoring in Chemistry (woah). When asked if he had anything to share with everyone:

“What am I supposed to say… (Pause)… Please be more politically active in your undergraduate careers!”

Thanks Will.

What is your perfect pizza?

Plain pizza.

Dogs or cats?

Cats (Indeed, everyone in the room was infuriated) I’m kind of scared of dogs… I had a childhood trauma with a dog. I actually still have a scar, when I was little a dog slashed me in the hand or something, I actually don’t remember my mom told me later on. (Let the record show the scar is real).

In honor of Joyce Chen, “Would you rather be a tiny pink hippo or a big fuzzy tarantula?”

(Let the record show Kim Chen keeps helping Will; this is an independent interview KIM!!) I want to be a tarantula so I can scare people.

What was the last picture you took on your phone?


Follow up question: Why did you take this?

I was sending it to someone because it was effing hard.

What would get you to eat a bowl of crickets?

Money. (How much money?) How big is the bowl? If its like a Chinese bowl… probably $1,000.

I meet you in 10 years 10 months 10 days from today, what are you doing?

Hopefully at home relaxing, away from my job which will be probably be like some kind of doctor. (What kind of doctor?) Cardiologist.

Who do you nominate for next week?

Jamie Sung, our social director!

Thanks for tuning into Meet Your Eboard this week, tweet @NYUGenerasian for any questions you’ve been dying to ask Jamie! #AskJamie #themoreyouknow. See you guys next week!

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