Movie Monday: TOKYO COSMO (東京コスモ)

Happy Monday! Today we are switching it up a little bit with an independent animation for you.

This animation started gaining fame in 2015 after it was entered into DigiCon6 Awards, “an annual competition held each fall, which seeks and recognizes talented creators through-out Asia (Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand) and rewards them for their outstanding works.” The quality of the animation is simply incredible.

Maybe you don’t want to be at school right now after a week of break, and with cold weather to boot. However, perhaps you can take the daily annoyances of your life and use your mind to find an escape, just like the girl in this short animated film does.

No matter what is dragging you down, you will find the strength to tackle it. Have a good week!

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