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Meet Your E-board: Jolene Hsu

It’s been too long friends, but welcome back to Meet Your Eboard! This week we are featuring, Jolene Hsu, our one and only Layout Director. Jolene is currently a junior in Steinhardt majoring in MCC and minoring in both BEMT and Public Policy. She would like to share with everyone:

“The OC is now streaming on Hulu.”

Now on to the interview!

Mountains or the beach?


Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Urm, okay my favorite superhero is, this is hard, I’m gonna say Raven from Teen Titans (Let the record show, she is referencing the original Teen Titans.). (Why?) Because she is dark inside but she tries to do good.

Would you rather not have coffee or eggs for the rest of your life?

Not have eggs. (Do you not like eggs?). No, but I just really like coffee.

What is your favorite commercial?

My favorite commercial is… its two commercials actually. Its for Apple watch, in the first one these two european girls are traveling to Beijing and they use their Apple watch to get through their trip. In the other one, there are two Chinese girls traveling to Berlin and they also use their Apple watch to get through their trip. I don’t know but I really like those two commercials, yeah I just like them.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

“I Can’t Reach That”

What cheers you up on a bad day?

Hanging out with my roomies (Awwwww).

What is your most used/favorite emoji?

I like the one where the guy is thinking. For Reference: 


Who do you nominate next?

Diane, our Media Director!

Thanks for tuning in on another Meet Your Eboard and we will see you again soon! Don’t forget, tweet @NYUGenerasian for any questions you’ve been dying to ask Diane! #AskDiane #themoreyouknow

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