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New Kid on the Block: “NY Frost Factory” Serving Authentic Taiwanese Shaved Ice

As much as I love trying food from other cultures, I’m still fiercely loyal to anything East Asian. So whenever I’m told or see of something from that side of the Pacific, I (figuratively) drop everything and go. Just in time to help us recover during the heat wave, New York Frost Factory has joined the famous food street family, Macdougal, introducing authentic Taiwanese shaved ice to dehydrated New Yorkers.

Frost Factory prides itself in providing the OG Taiwanese shaved ice experience, starting from the shaving machine, decor and the delicious masterpiece in front of you. What is shaved ice, I hear you ask. It’s exactly what it sounds like it is: thin sheets of flavoured ice, folded over each other like ribbons, with toppings like fruits to chocolate to boba, and ending with a drizzle of flavoured syrup. Each bite is light with the right amount of flavour, not leaving you heavy and guilty like creamy gelato. The best part is you can create your own creative combination.

Founder James Wong worked in the corporate world before turning towards his true passion for food. When we stopped by his shop to have a chat, he shared how it was his wife who gave him the extra nudge (or rather a big one) to jump into the entrepreneur role head first. James knew New Yorkers needed to be educated on how well Taiwanese do dessert. So he and his friend flew to Taipei to learn exactly how to make it the right way. Fortunately for us, they did just that! Not only did they bring back the secret recipe, they brought back a Taiwanese branded ice shaver, decor inspiration and regularly import topping ingredients from Taiwan.

There really is nothing better than taking some time to cool off any time of the day to chill at this new spot. Friendly staff, quality food, comfortable seating, you can’t go wrong here. Remember, there’s always, ALWAYS room for dessert.

Spoon University NYU loved this place so much, they’ve partnered with Frost Factory as a Welcome Week event to provide the Class of 2020 with a 30% discount on Aug 31. Just walk down Macdougal St, head inside Frost Factory, tell them the codename “Frosted Spoon”, show that you follow them and Spoon NYU on Instagram (@nyfrostfactory and @spoon_nyu) and you can dive right in (after you take a Insta and SnapStory update of course).

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